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FUNNY ARMY FAILS COMPILATION 2017 // Best Army Soldiers Fails

Опубликовано: 2 года назад
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you keep recording yes a television hyena Mejia siesta toll on Faria Tony Santiago hakama to Tel Aviv alone Surya veer defeated Kofi no Piazza della Serra da da da da Oh.

that it was off to Lincoln senior high school to surprise daughter Nicole Larry Mendte finally it was time to surprise daughter lose a fourth grader at gates elementary school .

Oh something kids of military parents have to deal with their mom or dad being away for a period of time today JD good gossip witness a reunion of one which is our boy with his soldier dad with blue buckets in hand these students are celebrating Earth Day.

A few days early but this assembly wasn't just about recycling pushing this cart and hiding behind these balloons was a very special surprise for a fourth grader pretty excited can't wait to see his reaction just get to hug them again it didn't take long for Kate O'Brien to realize who was behind this recycling bin here.

This is the first time he's hugged his Dan in the past nine months Army Staff Sergeant Derek O'Brien has been serving in Afghanistan convent lending for one convict this is.

Lighting for one ographers you know go to wipe all metal score cheering applause come on because Oh.


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