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Rock PORTAL Scissors *NEW* Gamemode in Fortnite Battle Royale!

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Welcome back to another fun #Fortnite video! Today, we decided to mix one of our favorite game modes in Fortnite "Rock Paper Scissors" with the brand new portals! Hopefully, you guys enjoy!
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Welcome to rock bottle scissors anyway guys the rules are very simple to this game we have a normal rock paper and scissor battle and whoever wins that battle gets to decide what to put inside of the losers Paulo so you can put like bad weapons you can put traps in there and whatever is in there is what the loser has to fight the winner win and yeah that's basically it.

Enjoy make the day where we got a 1v1 do you really gotta wear bed yah look at how freakin terrifying that face is dude it's the great no it's not you know what to make up for truly you need to dance ok make make like a fun dance then maybe you'll look like less scary you seriously creeping me out right now dude okay this better no literally made it a.

Lot worse looking it's this better that's a little better yeah you know what I'm enjoying that it's this better yeah that's why hey hey okay you showing your teeth a little bit but you know what it's okay I enjoy it it's this better oh gosh you guys saw that one coming right I get you know what you gotta be boring pretty unpredictable with your folks this time.

Ruining we've seen way too many farts of yours okay okay well if you say so Oh like I didn't meet come back you ruining fleet come on dude who you still farting bro I can't I can't feel bad for you when you're still fighting dude I'm so mad okay I didn't see that one coming go to hell good job but anyway guys this already bit a bunch of dancing in this video and.

You know what that means whenever somebody dances you have to like it subscribe so add you literally have em elevator music three two one it's like a subscribe right now you have to do a right ruining you have to if they don't what will happen what will happen if they don't well this is gonna be predictable how did I do this now you ruined it you can just you can just not.

Bad how about that how about you do something else relate what's gonna happen if they don't like and subscribe I'll aldub forever that's the most terrifying thing ever you have to like a subscribe where he will never stop Devin okay they did it you can stop now oh thank god that started to hurt a little bit go paper paper paper paper - I got paper.

- I got okay hey three two one go paper paint what the crap come on cleaner okay the tensions are running high here you know what's on the line and so do I miss the scary face okay three two one go meat paper come on don't eat paper yeah you kidding me that was perfect dude alright boutique well I'm not gonna be nice to you dude okay let's first first I'm gonna go through and find out.

What I'm gonna give you and then I'm gonna find out what I'm gonna give myself okay bro dick sure did you exit come over here just stand-in there don't peek just just did you stay there and you don't fart are you see you jumping I'm not gonna fart trust me I'm not gonna fire okay I'm looking at you right out really yeah just keep going keep going.

I'm gonna mute myself right now and then I've gotta go do the thing and you better not fight while I'm the way the replay will tell okay yeah guys if he farts let me know down in the comments okay so already know what I'm gonna do that portal is gonna be runic switch means that he's gonna have to walk through that one and I'm basically just gonna have to make a crappy loot in.

There so we're okay what should we give him I guess them maybe a tactical grey shotgun assault rifle that it's also grey you know let's give him a little boogie Bob - why though that's kind of funny dude okay what else can we do I definitely want to put chiller traps in there so basically what it means when I put like a chiller trap in there it.

Means that during our 1v1 I can tell him to stop and he has to put down and seal a trap on themselves that's gonna be awesome you know what should we be nice you know let's give him one this is good let's just give him one small potion right here dude yeah let's just give him all of these that's gotta be good okay so this has gotta be the loser portal right.

Here meanwhile all right I'm totally not gonna fart guys wait this is Nikki let's do here all right that's the room there we go the chiller trap is ready he knows what that means and hears them really bad weapons are here as well so let's say let's go back and get Rudy shall we all right you better better be ready are.

You hiding dude no did you fall while I was away no okay okay well they're followed me bruenig I am I prepared your portal and it's this one right here oh I just walked through it now yep and your destiny lies in front of you right now young runic it's right in there in the card you you know you gonna put so much bad stuff wait wait what oh wait oh you.

Giving me all gray items at least you gave me a disco nade you know what it also gave you one shield potion I was like we gotta be at least a little bit nice but the nice trap ruining remember what that means it means that I can literally tell you every time you need to ice your own feet so where the chillers are behind you mate and then me are you kidding me do I have to be on.

This the whole time if I think well you know whatever I say basically what what's that runic it's a mounted turret and you key me no I'm not kidding you and also you sound like a robot right now did you get some rubble teeth what's going on dude we're trading robots beep beep OOP OOP OOP EEP Hey and to finish it all off fooling I've got a pic a slurp juice and that's my am that's my.

Image sorry are you ready to go fight so all I have is this that's all you have mate there's gotta be a lot of fun are you excited to it yay yeah that's the spirit dude you know what because you're a little looser you can choose the spot where you want to fly it bro I want to find right above actually oh okay I like that how do we get up yep round 1 3 2 1 go.

Are you in the car oh yeah this is the best thing ever oh okay okay okay okay don't play with fire don't play a fire guys oh no he almost danced me you almost asked me oh gosh you make any good no no no no oh why don't you dance oh I'm messing up the building no no no no call me a routing boy oh oh yes come on no keep building oh yes should have.

Given myself should I give myself a shotgun I do it right even healing oh oh they missed it up listen up we're having a little bit of a bill fight right now okay oh I'm so stressed I'm just trying to build the key is to not stress out homie okay we got do that first okay rudik yeah I completely forgot I.

Can freeze your feet dude I was having all this fun I was having all of this shuffle all this time dude with a cramp I you anyway dude I've been shooting powers right now ah Oh what runic yeah I want you to freeze your feet mate I want you to place your feet right now babe this is impossible how am I supposed to like build come out come out wherever.

You are I have an idea have an idea what's your idea dude nothing have you frozen your feet what how did you do that get freaking right okay so I didn't really use the freeze thing that but I've completely forgot about that dang it dude buddy let's see if round two will give me more opportunity to troll runing go come on.

Come on paper again dang it okay okay three two one go paper again come on one time are you kidding me okay okay wait you get sisters now I'm gonna I'm gonna scream if you got a do paper again I'm gonna I'm gonna do paper again I've done it three times both the rounds so far gonna glisten here.

Therefore my gosh guys I summon you give me Scissor Sisters of paper Oh go paper yes really really got me hello anybody listening up there gosh Thank You girls a fortnight thank you so much for giving me the win you like that help me all right trainer well since you did to me you have to be in here oh gosh oh it.

Smells like farts in here dude don't worry there's not many spiders so any anything crazy in here at all see ya bye all right guys since Craner picked some good things from me he depicted one potion I think and the ice trap camera should I take I stick it I'll take one a damaged trap I'm gonna take a bouncer as well maybe I'll give him a I'll give him some grenades just for the fun and.

Perhaps a let's see I'll be a bit more nice I'll give him a green one and then I given the same thing that he gave me which is like a tactical shotgun what do you guys think should I give me one shield I think I should give him like one shield as well actually let's take this portal right here so the one next to traps I'd like to remember that so let's go in here.

Oh this could be fun this is gonna be fun if I place a spike trap there and this is not supposed to be here someone's gonna build like this right there up some grenades drop that here and then on the other side I guess maybe if everyone hears I follow that so let me break this it's not here I think that's I think that's good I think that's good so let's.

Head it back and then get strainer out of there okay can you let me out dude it actually smells a lot like your father do dude like no no you stay in there for five more seconds Wow kidding me do two three this is really bad there you go thank you I've put it in this room right here okay in this portal do it just go through now am I good yeah yeah you good you good.

Okay before I go in there let me just do let me just do okay hey just you know just have to get that out okay and really oh you can see that right away Oh spike traps your bait oh wait you only gave me two things no there's there's more that's more in here no not behind not behind oh the other the other way all the way okay this way oh boy you're killing me dude.

You're supposed to walk on it I thought you were just gonna do like this okay no you really for your sake stand right funeral I'll act like okay ready yeah I'm ready I can't wait a second got to find the right email real quick and scene Oh other weapons behind here runic there's totally nothing behind this wall Greiner keep going just fine it would really.

Suck if you killed me again oh it's sure what Craner please don't oh no oh you didn't even died oh no dude there was a pause there was that's a trap not a pause hahaha my evil plan finally worked hahahaha hit that like button down below will aim round two three two one go yeah absolute favorite sister but you know I might actually win ruining you.

Know well where are you hey what where are you did oh no no I ice I hear it grenades I don't know why I shot that was the head shot so you probably show some heels toes as you were the winner right oh I actually didn't wait what about that everyone idiot Rudy but you got your weapons though I assume yeah Oh what dude I am.

Owning you right out it 24000 oh boo Nate come on 600 how much shell I'm not gonna tell you babe no no no Rudy I don't know what that was you imagine if they killed you dude okay I dove you can Tibet oh you don't fool oh my god you must be so low you must be so Emilie's elmo's I've totally full health plan and we fight.

What do you know apples apples oh you don't even know how close you were go rock no thank you ironic get in there don't have to go in there again do not fight anymore in there okay if he fights let me know down in the comments and what's this what what's that smell that's not me that's just that's your old smell okay cleaner no that's not hey hey I didn't fob in.

There might have peed a little bit though all right so you know what since this is the deciding round I'm gonna be real mean so ruling and he's gonna get a grey assault rifle a grey pump and not pump at great tactical what else should we give him guys we got to be a bit mean actually I want a good fight let's give him yeah let's give him for these ones let's see what happens with that okay.

And I want to give him chillers to get because I've got to use the bottom last time but that's not cool dude oh and then let's also give him a bush why not he's also got to get a bush okay so wait yeah the chiller solve it in here is so yep this is his stuff right here he's gonna get it upset OH also this that's also his alright well then let's go get.

Breaking I swear dude if you take the same stuff again are you read the same stuff again if you put down no and the exact same stuff are you kidding you got a bush and also I gave you more small shield potions dude I'm not gonna be nice this time dude y'all never gonna let you wear the video bro it's never got to happen now let's go up and fight where do you want to fight dude uh how.

About fatal fields okay yeah we can do that sure is this the last round because you're gonna do so I sure did final round three two one go okay have a plan I have a plan wait okay what's your plan dude okay can I do is it a secret it's a secret okay what do you use your chiller though really you know kick things off at a nice wait why are you.

Actually I'm nowhere you're in the farm use the bell killer use another chilly we have to use the dog the chiller oh no no oh I see the grass moving dude oh my god oh my god how did none of those okay okay use the chiller there you are your bush just straight up voice out of the cornfield say hello to my little friend panicking panicking panicking panicking panicking.

Oh gosh how do you build that much oh my goodness what happened oh but it's go I gotta you is this way he buddy is this way your healing buddy oh gosh I thought you waited to the bottom little quick to the roof did you make the news but anyway guys if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit that like button down below check out Mooney titus channel as well down the description and damn we'll talk.

To you guys later bye


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