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Stranger Things Cast Bloopers & Funny Moments

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Stranger Things Cast CRACK Bloopers & Funny and Best Moments of Season 1 and 2. Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Steve, Nancy and Jonathan are hilarious in real-life as well.
Cast: Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin, Noa Schnapp, Joe Keery, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Dacre Montgomery & Sadie Sink.
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Just Joyce doing Saturday night I don't know Netflix and well it's stranger things what do I buy my boyfriend for Christmas when I can afford to buy him a potatoes I can't afford a potato yeah she can't okay well I guess if you can't afford a potato Elizabeth if you can afford the potato get the potato is your best movie Bobby Brown impression okay Bobby Brown.

I like nails and purses give us your best 11 impression to people on the upside down Sam on a Friday night no idea did you wanna go to the barb thank you tell me about your first onscreen kiss it's kind of weird but it was it was it was good because like obviously when you were acting like okay million Finn are gonna kiss an older.

I don't know 250 extras my age goes but I'm strong anyway though I am you're very strong anyway well I'm just like the one no bush looks like I do be honest she's like the second-fastest what is Elevens favorite Disney song I don't know let let it go let it go I like it it's a look yeah look great mysterious okay you know what.

These will have to be serious and then gating makes you laugh that those are the I used to be that a lot yes you still do it what does it mean I don't know the heart the bot and the hand which I don't I don't even use them but maybe I've used it twice oh that face the laughing C's no allergies like that's caleb like yes he's no I couldn't think of anything.

Says he's an awesome person and sing I said me awesome oh yeah cuz I couldn't face question Joe you have a beautiful head of hair so I was just gonna say you guys have an incredible volume these are the creepiest do you see how bad you want to go to bed with that next year it's been move hot dude when he has made a good joke I don't know he drops the mic.

What is it I was just about to do that you're a good guy yeah that's not what I'm for mooing rain like when it just hits your scalp it's incredible it's like a massage everybody would look at me and I'm like and everybody's like what are you doing I'm like it's just the rain okay favorite this you really you're my favorite okay cool so yeah it's a very good head of hair very well.

Quaffed you know are you intimidated by it extremely just you know what just talk to it for a second and make friends with it I might yeah I think you need to see a different into the David David my it's my dad's name we're on good terms where does this go and where does this card oh can you read can you host No.

You mean to me yeah relationship honestly Rico says how do I legally change my name for taco good question to demo Gorgon what's the Democrat and no idea of barbecue how many words does eleven say in total 126 246 that was shop ladies young he's right 246 like there's no way you counted them use your best fin wolfhard.

Impression yeah guitarist Jilly well here what does Joyce do when she has a flat tire and she needs to fix it I don't know dad people call me dad mom what's not to like about that I guess people thinking that you're doing a good job don't care the you know the real main heroes of the show but I'm not a dad I'm not really a dad lose our winning cause I give you no one.

Has ever said anything negative of you everyone loves you such a great guy done


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